Abdominoplasty surgery at Millennium Hospital Tijuana can be the ideal solution for you.

    • If you need to eliminate excess or sagging skin in the abdominal area caused by multiple pregnancies or significant weight loss
    • If you want to remove excess fat
    • If you are looking to get a flat and firm abdomen and a narrower waist
    • You are looking to erase visible marks, such as stretch marks

    Millennium certified surgeons have the expertise to perform this procedure safely, always having your best results in mind.

    Duration: 4 to 5 hrs
    Type of surgery: 24 to 48 hrs of hospitalization
    Anesthesia: Epidural Block
    Recovery time: 2 to 4 weeks of rest / 4 to 6 weeks to go back to work
    Final outcome: 2 to 4 months


    Abdominoplasty involves the removal of excess skin and tightening the abdominal muscles.

    The surgery begins with an incision made in the lower belly, just above the pubis symphysis, exposing the abdominal muscles and adipose tissue which is located in the belly area. Having tightened the muscles, the skin is placed in its desired position and the portion of excess skin is cut and removed.


    To maintain the shape you’ve been left with after the surgery, it is essential that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. With proper maintenance, you can keep the results of abdominoplasty for many years after the surgery.


    As a result of surgery, you’ll have a flat and firm abdomen and a narrower waist.

    During recovery you must wear a special support garment for 2 to 3 months and must be very careful to avoid strenuous activity for a few weeks in order to ensure a full recovery.

    Once the recovery period is completed, you can use the clothes that had not previously been able to wear, which will make you feel more self-esteem and security.


    Severe infections, abdominal skin necrosis, especially in overweight patients. Obese people are not good candidates for this surgery; it is best to lose weight before this procedure.

    Venous clots that can migrate through venous circulation to the lungs and cause an obstruction that makes it difficult to breathe or causes pain when breathing, which is an emergency that requires hospitalization. Such event can happen during the immediate postoperative period or 1-2 weeks after surgery, which still requires an emergency hospitalization.

    Complications of an open scar due to fat and skin necrosis
    These wounds may take 4 to 6 weeks to close and they require intense hygiene and healing care to avoid infections to the open wound. This complication occurs in smoking, diabetic and hypertensive patients, although if they are all well controlled and supervised, it is possible to operate. They will have to follow of all the indications and cares as follows:

    Flexed walking, sleeping in a sitting position, no driving, no activities that require any sort of effort, no wandering in the home and no sitting or lying during the day for more than 30 minutes for a better opportunity at recovery and to avoid coagulation and venous circulation.

    They will go home with drainage for up to 2 weeks, which will have to be cleaned daily and will have to maintain with a compressive belt 24 hours a day.

    At Millennium Hospital we are always implementing protocols for the prevention of complications, such as the use of antibiotics prior to surgery, the day after the patient can get up to walk, take a nurse-assisted bath and use a compression belt for support, allowing them to move more easily. 12 hours after the surgery we initiate an anticoagulant protocol to avoid or prevent venous cloths. The patient takes home 3 more doses of anticoagulants and antibiotics for 10 to 15 days as well as medication for wound hygiene care and pain relieve pills.

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