Liposuction at Millennium Hospital Tijuana can be the ideal solution for you.

    • If you are over your ideal weight
    • If you have difficulty losing fat from ‘problem areas’ in your body
    • If you want to improve your figure and have a thinner appearance
    • If you haven’t been able to eliminate excess fat through diet or exercise

    Millennium certified surgeons have the expertise to perform this procedure safely, always having your best results in mind.

    Duration: 2 to 3 hrs
    Type of surgery: From a short stay to 24 hrs hospitalization
    Anesthesia: Epidural Block
    Recovery time: 5 to 10 days of rest / 10 to 15 days to go back to work
    Final outcome: 2 to 3 months


    Liposuction is the removal of excess fat and tissue in “problem” areas of the body such as legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, arms, face and neck. Using a surgical technique with special devices  we ‘suck’ the unwanted fat through small incisions made in the treatment area.

    This method helps both men and women to reduce size and improve control of their weight quickly and safely. This procedure can be performed in different body parts simultaneously or it can be combined with other procedures.


    While liposuction can substitute diet or exercise, it is not a cure for obesity. For optimal results this procedure should be done in patients with normal body weight that suffer from unattractive fat buildup in certain areas of their bodies. It is also important to have good health and flexible skin that has the ability to shrink after surgery. Since liposuction removes only fat, it cannot eliminate dimpling or correct skin laxity.


    Liposuction is an outpatient procedure, which means that it requires minimal recovery time, however, it’s advisable to rest between five and seven days after surgery, avoiding physical activity.

    After liposculpture you will see immediate results, showing a more defined and slim silhouette, and by following the instructions of our surgeons you will notice a full recovery after four to six weeks.
    Seromas, infections, abdominal wall irregularity due to fibrous scar tissue.


    Fat necrosis through the transfer of fat to subdermal buttocks, particularly when large fat valuations are infiltrated. A visit to the clinic will be required in order to drain the liquified fat.

    In certain cases, it will be necessary to leave the drainage in the abdomen and back under treatment with prophylactic antibiotics

    Fat embolism due to clots.

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